Are you seeking for Best Dedicated Server Hosting? Is your website is having lots of customers, result, it gets slower? If yes, here is the solution for you. But before that, let’s have a brief knowledge about Dedicated Server Hosting. 

If you are, owning a website with heavy traffic like more than several thousand visitors. These types of websites start getting slower when they are hosting on a cloud or shared server.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting
Best Dedicated Server Hosting

In this place, if you want your visitors to have a smooth and lag-free experience, then go for a Dedicated Server Hosting. It is so because dedicated server hosting offers space only for you.

Choose Your Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

Several sites are offering Best Dedicated Server Hosting, but how to choose the best among them. Here are some details to help you with selecting:

  • Check for the RAM as 16 GB RAM will be an appropriate choice for a better server. 
  • Review for the bandwidth space if they aren’t offering any particular bandwidth, then don’t go for that plan. 
  • Customer Care service offered, it’s one of the essential parts of your plan as this will help you to face any further problems.
  • Compare the price and features from different websites. 
  • Moreover, check for primary disk space and backup disk space. 

Why Buy Dedicated Servers?

If you are new to web hosting, then this question will surely make you curious. Here are a few reasons that you should consider buying a dedicated server:

  • A dedicated server hosts only your website, which makes it faster and reliable. 
  • You will get a lag-free website that can handle millions of websites at once. 
  • Page loading time will be several times faster. 
  • 24×7 customer service support.
  • A dedicated server takes your website to the next level of success. 
  • Easy to handle your information.

Features of Dedicated Servers 

Before searching a Better Dedicated Server Hosting, you should know, what are the inherent features of a dedicated server?

Features of Dedicated Servers
Features of Dedicated Servers 
  • First of all, it is one of the secure and reliable web hosting platforms as you don’t share the stage with anyone. 
  • It offers server management in progression so you can access it with ease. 
  • Scalability, if you are doing a business, then get assured, to have customers in bulk, so you need more space. 
  • Can choose the operating system with which you are much acquainted.  
  • Moreover, you can also pick the hardware as per your budget. 
  • Dedicated Server, furthermore, provides you control panel, so everything at your fingertip.

Ideal Uses of Your Dedicated Server 

There are several usages of a dedicated server. Here are a few uses of a dedicated server:

  • Web Hosting Server: Probably this is the mutual use of maximum people worldwide.
  • Backup Server: Nobody can guarantee your future disaster can occur at any moment in time. You can use this as a backup server, so to keep all your data safe from loss. 
  • Gaming Server: If you are an excellent game designer, then get ready to have millions of audiences on your platform. Gamers hate loitering, so a dedicated server will give them sufficient speed.  
  • Database: Dedicated servers provide you with huge space, which can be used as a database. 
  • VPN Server: The task of a VPN is to provide you with a secure private network connection, so a dedicated server will be the best field to do so. 
  • Video Streaming: The best point about a dedicated server is, it can handle heavy traffic and bulky files, so this will be a perfect stage for video streaming. 
  • Shopping Site Server: These days, customers are opting for online shopping. If you will have a dedicated server, then load and space can be distributed and managed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to have a dedicated server?

The cost of a dedicated server depends on the features and service provider. Reliable will be the brand, and more the features higher you have to pay because the security will be of top-level.

Is a dedicated server worth it?

Yes, of course, a dedicated server worth the price. But should have patience while choosing a dedicated server best for you. Moreover, if you want to save your penny then better opt for only the space that you need.

What dedicated server mean?

A dedicated server means a particular server that can be accessed only by you, also, it doesn’t share its memory with any other user. These servers are much secure, reliable, and fast.

Who needs a dedicated server?

If you, owning a website or an application with heavy traffic and it becomes mind boiling for you to handle? Then you are the one who needs it. Dedicated servers provide you with a control panel and a large space that can knob the traffic with ease.

How does a dedicated server work?

A service provider offers you a dedicated server, better the provider reliable is your server. After you purchase, they will allow you space and lease. Now, it’s on you how you will utilize this server for your work.  
To make a dedicated server work:
Choose the hardware you need, like how much ram, processer, and generation of device. 
Select the appropriate software. This list starts with your OS, better to choose one that makes you comfortable. 
Finally, it’s time for the additional services, but remember this will be chargeable, so only choose the one you need.

How do I Setup a dedicated server?

Setting up a dedicated server is as simpler as installing an application. Follow these steps given below:
You have to start with the configuration process, where you will be asked to sign in to create a new id. 
Now it’s time for choosing the exact number of CPU cores. Better to go for the option that you need, the number will be from 4 to 12, charges based on your choice. 
Select how much storage do you need and what you need SSD or HDD. 
Then time for choosing the RAM, which is a vital part of your server. 
If you, having an existing server, then you can transfer the data. 
Your bill is ready, now pay, and have an incredible experience with a dedicated server.

What is the difference between a dedicated and a non-dedicated server?

The major differences between a dedicated and a non-dedicated server are;
Security level, as you will be hosting your single website or application on a dedicated server, so no other user can access. 
A dedicated server provides you enough space, which makes surfing faster.


Choose your web hosting server intellectually, and witness a revolution. Yes, it’s true that dedicated server costs higher than a non-dedicated server, but choosing a dedicated server will be safe and secure.

Moreover, a dedicated server will help to handle huge traffic and heavy loads. Best Dedicated Server Hosting also provides you with a control panel then helps to manage your server with ease.

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