Opting for the best cPanel Web Hosting to meet the needs of your website is very important. You must be very careful when choosing the web host based on performance, reliability, features, customer support, and cost. Cheapdedicatedserver.net offers Cheap cPanel Web Hosting solutions that are blazing fast, fine-tuned, and ready for you! You can select the high-speed plan modified as for your requirements.

Best cPanel Web Hosting

Cheapdedicatedserver.net is the largest and top-rated cPanel Web Hosting providers that make use of cPanel. We are well respected and the best cPanel Web Hosting provider. With us, you get the automatic WordPress installs, free domain, SSL certificate & 24/7 support. Cheapdedicatedserver.net offers its customers with a single click WordPress installs, around-the-clock customer support and 99.9% uptime.

Best cPanel Web Hosting
Best cPanel Web Hosting

Cpanel is leading the market and is the popular names in server management. This particular intuitive interface is very sleek and so much accommodating that those with the basic knowledge of the web hosting can seek this out as they are shopping for the web hosting plans. Whereas it is technically not free, the point-and-click program is very efficient and popular that many web’s top best cPanel Web Hosting providers include the free cPanel license among their plans.

Why to Select Our cPanel Host Provider?

Cheapdedicatedserver.net provide the fastest Cheap cPanel Web Hosting services at the lowest prices in the market! We are the cPanel host provider that provides SSD hosting, offering a massive boost to the website’s speed, and many available data centres, and ensuring that you are not sending content over the world & back again for reaching the local users.

Cheapdedicatedserver.net is a cPanel Web Hosting provider that combines the versatility and strength of cPanel with fast connection speed, helpful customer support, and an extensive list of the most powerful features that other hosting in the world cannot provide.

cPanel is the popular options of the control panel, as it makes it easy to run your site. This panel comes with a lot of amazing tools, and – very important to give you peace of mind – it is very reliable. Cheapdedicatedserver.net cPanel is quite consistent with the rest of the brand – simple, clean, as well as highly reliable. Our cPanel is uncluttered & clear, with the whole thing laid out on one single page. So, it becomes very simple to manage things.

Top Web Hosting with Linux Features

Your Cheapdedicatedserver.net Cheap cPanel Web Hosting account will be loaded with some extra features designed to make the life easier! Here is the breakdown of some features included with the account!

Take control of industry-standard cPanel, free 24 by 7 telephone and internet service, 99.9% uptime as well as money-back guarantees. With our data centre, you may know your site is up and running all time.

  1. FREE email addresses
  2. World-class centres
  3. One-click install for free applications
  4.  99.9% uptime guarantee
  5. Flexible and simple to use panel
  6. 24 by 7 security monitoring & DDoS protection
  7. Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth

What Web Hosting with Linux Login Gives an Access To?

Without cPanel Web Hosting, users may access and manage the domain registrations & DNS records, database system files and email accounts. You may edit and backup the important files & store huge amounts of the pertinent data in MySQL databases. With access to apps, cPanel provides a simple installation of the favourite scripts, content management systems, web applications, and internet stores.

Cheap Linux Hosting Plans and Prices
Cheap Linux Hosting Plans and Prices

Lastly, the panel acts as the headquarters to keep your server safe. Set up your SSL certificates, and password-protect some files and directories, and block some IP addresses to access the system.

In nutshell, cPanel users may access:

  • Email & webmail services
  • Domains, subdomains & domains management solutions
  • FTP file management
  • MySQL databases & file storage
  • Simple installation of the apps for eCommerce, blogging, marketing, or various other functions
  • SSH access
  • Logfile access & reporting
  • cPanel support team
  • Website metrics & traffic information

VPS Hosting Server

Imagine the server within a bigger server – that is exactly what the VPS hosting is about. In such type of hosting, websites will be hosted by using the powerful hardware on the virtual private server. The users will get access to the server in a way similar to one using the most dedicated server’s host but at the lower cost.

Companies prefer making use of the VPS hosting as they’re assured of the high performance & security then they will expect from the shared server. Making use of the services of the reliable & reputed VPS hosting like Cheapdedicatedserver.net is important to enjoy the entire spectrum of benefits that are offered by the arrangement.

Our VPS hosting provides the most remarkable abilities of the web hosting administration. Besides this, you may expect amazing control, isolated environment, dedicated resources, and top of the line hardware for supporting your VPS.  Cheapdedicatedserver.net is the best VPS hosting provider that offers the top-performing VPS server hosting using the advanced technologies

All our virtual servers will come with the state-of-art features. The compelling point they present the cloud-based infrastructure that will make the services unbeatable. Furthermore, it provides free server management solutions like security patches and more.

Cheapdedicatedserver.net includes many powerful features. All packages included with the cPanel that is the most intuitive panel that makes the features management such as email, domains, and databases much easier. You do not need to pay for this separately even in the affordable Linux server packages. Also, the plans are highly optimized for e-commerce and yield free website migration services.

Find a Perfect Operating System for the Virtual Private Server

Cheapdedicatedserver.net is the most reliable and secure: Our plans are designed for the maximum safety, no matter whether it is the storage networks, firewall rules and backup solutions, accessing & data transfer is made simple.

1. 24/7 Expert Support

We are available 24 by 7, just to make sure our user’s questions and issues are quickly and efficiently solved.

2. Programming

You can run your applications and get started immediately with the pre-installed apps like WordPress or others. You can find all common database here.

3. Current Cloud Technologies

We ensure maximum VPS server performance by latest-generation cloud hardware and SSD storage.  Our secure data centres are known to be highly safe and modern in this world. They are backed by our strong commitment in offering you the best uptime levels.

4. Firewall Management

Our external firewall system will protect your data and files from any kind of attacks and one can also set individual firewall rules in cloud panel.

5. SSL Encryption

To get the best protection of the data & maximum reassurance for users, wildcard SSL certificate will be included in VPS packages.

Characteristics of the Linux VPS Hosting

Linux is an open-source operating system, which powers 70% web servers all over the world. This is known to be the cost-efficient secure and stable alternative to the Windows operating system. Because of this amazing community support & upgrades, Linux OS is known to be highly powerful, reliable, and stable selection. 

Characteristics of the Linux Self Managed VPS Hosting Features
Self Managed VPS Hosting Features

Linux VPS web hosting is a highly sought after service to run the open-source apps that include content management systems, forums, and internet stores among many more. No matter whether you’re using PHP, Perl, MySQL, and WordPress, Linux OS keep you well covered. 

Because Linux is an open-source operating system, one can use the same without any kind of repeated costs needed to buy the licenses. This provides the best compatibility with the PHP and several other applications. The Linux VPS is comfortable with the cPanel & SSH Access, you can enjoy much better controls with the lesser load on the server than Windows counterpart. 

Alternatively, the Linux operating system needs users to have enough technical proficiency as the learning curve is a bit steeper. You need to be quite familiar with the SSH Access as it isn’t very user friendly as the Windows interface. 

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting 

In the terms of server, one name that has still managed to be on par with powerful Windows servers is Linux dedicated server hosting. Linux servers have established as the force to reckon in a server domain with world-class performance and stability. Cheapdedicatedserver.net Linux dedicated hosting plan is playing an important role in a lot of eCommerce projects & establishments just by ensuring that the eCommerce sites run efficiently and smoothly.

Why Select Cheapdedicatedserver.net Linux?

In the world of server, Linux’s pluck and tenacity have caught the attention of a lot of potential users of this technology. It’s estimated that over 90 per cent of the fastest computers in this world are getting powered by the Linux technology & Linux OS. It’s the first choice and automatic for many businesses at the software and hardware installations due to unrivalled and best quality of performance.

Cheapdedicatedserver.net Linux Dedicated Servers hosting plan is ultimate in the hosting solutions. With high powered server & our Turbo option that features 20X faster loads than competing Linux Hosting options, and you can take your e-Commerce business and website to the completely next level.

We provide many management options that are made to fit your requirements in the best possible way. Are you the professional web developer who wants to dig in the server with the full root access? You can select our Unmanaged Hosting Server solutions. You can prefer the fully managed hosting solution? Select Cheapdedicatedserver.net Managed Dedicated Hosting, as we provide Core Dedicated Hosting Servers offering management & full root access. But, before you select the Linux hosting provider for the business, you must take into consideration certain key factors.

Is service reliable when we talk about consistency?

Consistency of the server will be determined best by its uptime factor. In the world of advancing server hosting technologies today, the performance of the data centre will be measured and evaluated on uptime they provide through SLA. You may check out uptime consistency by the information offered by OS.

This includes current time or for how long this system is running. It offers information on a number of users that are logged in at a given time frame and average load of a system for the specific time frame. The service providers making use of Linux dedicated servers can guarantee the high uptime of over 99.95 per cent, because of the consistent performance of the operating system.

Selecting the dedicated Linux hosting may not offer the perfect solution to each web development scenario however, it is good than other OS that offers server hosting, particularly Windows. The reputable name in the business, Cheapdedicatedserver.net will help you to implement the managed Linux dedicated servers in the seamless & cost-effective way.

To discuss the requirements and learn more about our managed Linux dedicated hosting server, you can call us and fill out the contact form and write us.

Why Choose Cheapdedicatedserver.net Hosting For Dedicated Server Needs?

At Cheapdedicatedserver.net Linux dedicated hosting provides, we are truly committed to offering the top server hardware, best network speeds, as well as top customer service in the industry. Performance and speed are of utmost importance for us, and for this reason, we are known to be one of the best Linux dedicated hosting provider in town.

Services You Find With Us

1. Get Unlimited Traffic

At Cheapdedicatedserver.net, we provide dedicated processing power & unlimited bandwidth that will handle the growing traffic to scale up your eCommerce business and another establishment.

2. Processing power 

Our web servers are ready with the latest processors and you will find it yourself.

3. Get MySQL

One server that is one most the popular server in the world is MySQL and with our Linux server packages.

With us, you will get the plans that will start with a large amount of storage, RAM, monthly bandwidth, and CPU. You will host on the SSDs for the max load performance and you get the unlimited access for our helpful and friendly 24 by 7 customer support.

Cheapdedicatedserver.net wants to provide you with the best experience possible, however, we understand things happen and you might have some questions that require answering. That is why we are dedicated to offering the best customer support in the industry, at your fingertips, and with each hosting package you choose. We are there always to make sure of your success.

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