Features of Domain Service

Domain Forwarding and Masking

Domain name forwarding and masking allow you to direct your visitors to different websites. Masking will prevent the visitors to see your domain name when forwarding just by keeping the domain name in the browser’s address bar. For forwarding and masking the domain name, you should use the default nameservers. You will be surprised to know that you may boost your site’s traffic just by registering for an alternate version of the primary domain name — which includes multiple extensions, common typos, and misspellings.

Domain forwarding and masking is easy to use and does not need any technical expertise. Just type in an address you want your domain forwarded. The domain name redirect will help your business to accomplish various goals whereas saving money and time.

With our domain masking feature, you will find it simple to use forwarding to redirect your visitors to other addresses without letting them see the change in the browser window.

Domain Locking

Another free security feature offered by cheapdedicatedserver.net is domain locking that will prevent the unauthorized transfers of the domain to other registrar or host just by “locking” your nameservers.

When the domain gets locked, you will be protected from unauthorized 3rd parties who may try and misdirect your domain nameservers or domain transfer without your consent. You cannot inadvertently make the changes to nameservers that can prevent us from hosting your services rightly.

Steps to disable Registrar-Lock onto your domain

  • Log in to your domain with your registered provider.
  • Then choose the domain that you want to configure.
  • An options box will appear, now scroll down to the Domain Locking option.
  • Two options will be given Unlock and Lock, check the Lock Button, and press the submit button.

Total DNS Control

If you are using our nameservers for the domain name, then Total DNS Control enables you to perform the advanced DNS functions, like changing records zone. You can edit, add, and delete the records, MX, TXT & AAAA records.

We offer a total DNS control feature that will allow you to create the right DNS reference for your domain. And to benefit from it, cheapdedicatedserver.net, you, and the server hosting your pages should cooperate.

  • If you want to have Total DNS Control, follow these steps:
  • First, log in to your domain account with your respective registrar. 
  • Now look for the option Manage Domains, and click on it. 
  • Scroll down and choose DNS Manager. (DNS Manager let you access every setting and file)
  • Finally, a Total DNS Manager or Control will appear, now tap on it to make any changes.

Change of Registration

You will find two different options when it comes to change of registration, one is to change the Registrar and the second is to change the Registrant.

At cheapdedicatedserver.net, we provide both the solution, so you do not have to worry when you want to change your provider in case you are not satisfied with our features and solutions, besides you can also sell your domain name to somebody else if want. Ensure you provide your log-in details and give access to the person who will buy it.

You will have to bear some charges when transferring your domain. This domain name registration can be done only with the management panel assistance of your current domain provider.

Steps to change the registration of your domain

  • Verify that the domain name is transferrable.
  • Prepare the domain for transfer.
  • Submit the transfer through your domain registrar account.

Internationalised Domain Name (IDN)

IDNs are the domain names mostly represented in the local language scripts or characters. These domain names have characters or letters from the non-ASCII scripts.

Why select our Internationalized Domain Names?

  • Not everyone is well-versed in the English language.
  • IDNs help to increase Internet penetration by using local languages or vernacular content.

Domain Transfers

We provide a domain transfer process that is highly automated & designed to make sure that transferring of your domain name is made simple and trouble-free without causing any kind of downtime to your site.

  • Unlock the domain you wish to transfer at the current registrar.
  • Look for the domain using the right transfer tool.
  • Enter the authorization code and confirm the transfer.
  • Transfers will complete within five to seven days

Domain Backorders

Domain Backorders means to catch a domain name that is used by someone else. Here you can grab some of the popular domain in the market. 

The thing that happens with domain backorders is a registrant purchase a domain for a year, after which a renewal period of 30 days is allowed.

Within these 30 days, the user is given to renew with some extra charges. If the domain owner doesn’t renew it, five more days is given, then permanently delete. After this expiration period, it will be set on auction, and come first go is offered. 

Our Domain Backorder feature helps you to acquire the domain name when it becomes accessible for registration. Each domain backorder has Domain Tracking, Monitoring and Registration for 1 year once it is registered successfully.

At cheapdedicatedserver.net, We will keep you updated continuously about any backorders available on the internet and allow you to order them first.

Bulk Domain Discounts

When you buy the domain in bulk, you’re sure to get a little discount. We provide domains at a very good price, but when you’re in the discount program, you will get a much better price depending on the active domains that you have.

The discounts you get generally depend on the number of domains that you have or will register, and you must directly contact our support for any offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find Out If a Domain Name Is Available?

There are many different ways to find out if a domain name is available or not. First, type the URL in cheapdedicatedserver.net’s search—we tell you if that domain is registered and available to you or not. Besides, you can also look for your preferred domain name in the Whois Lookup. 

Just enter the URL you wish to register in a search box. If the name entered has been registered, we will list available alternatives. 

Suppose the domain name is available, you have to follow the instructions given on the screen to complete your registration process.

Which Is the Best Site to Buy a Domain Name?

There are many good domain name buying websites you will find online and does not matter which country you are buying the domain names. However, you just need to check the services & support available while buying the domain name from the provider. 

Cheapdedicatedserver.net is a highly popular and known provider of the best domain registration & hosting services. It offers all types of web services in an affordable range. 

How Do I Search Who Owns a Domain Name?

If you want to find out how owns a particular domain name, then there are some easy and simple that you need to follow:

  • For checking domain name registrant details just visit a website like www.whois.net or your preferred web solution provider’s site like cheapdedicatedserver.net.
  • Type the exact URL or domain name of a website that you want the details.
  • With a few clicks, you will have the complete registrant details.

How Do I Search a Domain?

Just enter the address you wish to register in a search box. Suppose the domain name you entered is already registered, we will list available alternatives. Suppose the domain is still available, you must follow the instructions to finish the registration process.

How Can I Get a Free Website Domain?

To get a free website domain, you have to purchase a yearly Web Hosting package or Managed WordPress package by Cheapdedicatedserver.net and you will be eligible for the free domain.

After choosing the WordPress or Hosting plan, you will be given the option of choosing monthly/annual terms. Ensure you select the annual term for getting the free domain.

Continue with the Options to go ahead with the next step. It is where you will find the search bar to search for the domain you want.

When you have found the domain you want, add this domain into your cart & continue the process.

Are There Any Free Domains?

Cheapdedicatedserver.net is a popular name when it comes to offering affordable hosting plans and they provide unlimited hosting with a free Email account. Hence, if you’re planning to get the domain & Email address, for now, Cheap Dedicated Server is the best option for you. All you have to do is, get a full one year of hosting that can give you 1 year of unlimited storage hosting and 1 free domain and free Email account.

Can You Have a Website Without a Domain Name?

A domain name is important for the website, email, or another web service. But, you do not need to always register the new domain name. Lots of companies allow you to use sub-domains for a website or consider having an email with the primary domain. 

How Do I Permanently Buy a Domain Name?

You can’t buy your domain name permanently. Registration of a domain name is generally done on the yearly basis. But, you may pre-pay for 10 years that guarantees you will have the domain name for ten years.

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

Normally, a domain name will cost you from $2 – $20 yearly, depends upon the specials and discounts. The newer domain extensions, like .app, will be on a higher-end of the scale, as they are the current extension in the market.

The cost of a domain varies looking at the different factors:

  • Domain extension (that is .com)
  • Where you buy your domain name from (reputable registrar, aftermarket service, private seller, or others.)
  • Term length and add-ons (registering for many years, include domain privacy, and more.)

Can I forward the domain any time from Cheapdedicatedserver.net?

Yes, you can forward the domain any time you want if you don’t like the services of Cheapdedicatedserver.net. This time will never come because Cheapdedicatedserver.net will always be with you at every moment you need help on the domain. 

Their team of experts is ready to solve every query whenever you need it. Moreover, you will be getting a user-friendly interface for the management panel with easy access to everything. 

If you are lucky enough then, you can do free domain registration with WordPress during some offers only at Cheapdedicatedserver.net. Cheapdedicatedserver.net also gives you domain protection, multi-domain purchase, and hundreds of subdomain support with each domain.