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Easy Management System

Domain Management is one of the essential parts, without which neither you can change, renew, or transfer your domain name. We aim to make you spend less time managing your domains and give more time to make things happen. With our domain and simple account management, you can make things happen right from the start to end.

24*7 Worldwide Support is offering you global customer support consisting of IT intellectuals who are ready to help you 24x7x365. CDS is fully committed to offering the best service levels possible. By using the latest servers and hardware, we look for continual improvement in reliability and performance.

Automatic Process

When you transfer the domain name from other provers to CDS, it takes some time during which your site remains safe with the domain lock system. Our primary goal is to make the transfer procedure as easy and automatic as possible so you get more time to do important tasks at hand. We examine your domains time to ensure your websites are up and running all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Domain Transfer Process?

The process of a domain transfer is rather easy. You need an Auth-Code for the domain holder if you want to transfer the domain name from a particular registrar to another. Also, your registrar will allow you, through the online interface tool, to manage and generate your AuthInfo code. In case not, then you have to contact directly to your registrar and get it.

Does Transferring Domain Cost Money?

No, Generally there are not any extra fees or charges with the transferring of a domain. For most of the domain extensions, you just are charged the regular transfer fee. And the fee includes your domain renewal. However, make sure you have set up your domain name rightly to manage or initiate the domain transfer. Your costs would depend on the cost of your new hosting service.

How Can I Transfer My Domain For Free? is the best hosting service that provides free domain name transfers to customers. Besides that, you can have a free domain name, SSL, and wonderful customer support. You will like the performance & top-notch service.

Can I Move My Domain Name To Another Provider?

Suppose you bought your domain through the web host and now want to transfer it because you have found a better web hosting provider. However, though you bought the domain through the standalone registrar, still there are many benefits of transferring. For a thing, having the domain and web hosting under the same virtual “roof” states you can manage the whole thing in one place.

Does Cheapdedicatedserver.Net Charge To Transfer Domains?

No, they’re not any extra charges that you have to pay with the transfer. For the majority of the domain extensions, you just will be charged the regular transfer fee. But, the fee includes the domain renewal. For more details, you can check out our domain transfer page.

Suppose you want to change your domain ownership (to another person from you, or another person), you will have to do the process of the domain transfer. For instance, if any employee has registered your domain name under the personal account, then you would like to transfer that domain to the account handled by your business.

For information visit About ccTLDs.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer A Domain?

Domain transfers will take over 7 to 8 days to complete the entire process, but it depends on your registrar & when they release your domain. When your domain gets transferred, there will be a bit of delay when any new settings propagate. This will be a few e-mails & your site will get disrupted for a short period.

Will My Website Go Down During A Domain Transfer?

Suppose you use a third party for hosting your email and site, they must not at all be affected by domain name transfer. Also, you don’t have to change name servers for the domain during this transfer process.

Suppose you host your site & email the registrar, they will be affected. Registrars will host either your site or email in case you register the domain name with them. Hence, in such a case, you must not transfer the domain till you move your site & email hosting to a third party company.

Does It Matter Who You Buy Your Domain Name From?

All registrars do not offer similar domain management features. When you register the domain, it becomes yours –no matter which provider you bought this from. Suppose the domain is accessible, you can buy this anywhere you want. But, some registrars provide services and benefits that others do not, thus you have to choose wisely.

Can You Just Buy A Domain Name Without Hosting?

Yes, you can purchase a domain without hosting. You do not need the hosting provider for registering the domain name. Suppose your preferred domain is available, then you can buy this by paying a certain fee or registering it with the domain registrar.

No matter if you have made a hosting account. You are an owner of that domain name till you keep renewing the registration, regardless of if you use hosting for creating the website or not.

Do I Need A Domain For A Website?

The domain name is not strictly essential to create a presence online. But, having your domain name provides you complete control over the online identity and content you post – and having your own domain is important to build confidence in the business and brand.

For building a website you need a domain name. Besides, you need hosting for storing the website’s files. When you get the hosting, you have to update the domain name settings & point this to your hosting service provider. Also, you can buy the domain & host from one company.

How Can I Get A Free .Com Domain?

If you want to register the .com domain for free, firstly you have to choose the hosting plan with Customers have an option of the simple shared solution but may select the cloud-based hosting and WordPress-optimised hosting plan and ‘dedicated’ hosting if they want.

Can I Use My Domain Email Without Hosting?

Yes, it is possible to use domain email without hosting. Email is a standalone service, although many providers provide hosting services with domain and emails. There is only an email service (all are paid) and put MX records in the domain’s DNS Manager & that must do the work.

Who Is The Best Domain Provider?

With many best domain providers out there, it is a challenging task to choose the best one. Some attract customers by providing huge promotional plans while some attract their customers by providing freebies. is the best domain provider company that specializes in domain names, VPS hosting, web hosting, website builder, SSL certificates, Email, and many more services. They provide VPS hosting, shared hosting plans at a good and affordable price. Doesn’t matter what hosting package you select, you will get one domain name free with unlimited disk space, eCommerce solutions, SSL certificate, as well as marketing tools.

Who Is The Legal Owner Of The Domain Name?

A person or a company organization will be the legal owner of the domain name and is listed as the domain’s registrant and owner contact. Generally, domains have 4 contacts: owner/ registrant, admin, billing, and technical. Ensure that the mailing address, number, and email listed are yours.

How Do I Transfer My Domain To Another Computer?

There’re many reasons you have to make a switch. We will help you out to learn how to transfer the domain in 4 easy steps.

  • Remove the domain lock & get the authorization code.
  • Initiate the transfer with the new hosting provider.
  • Verify the transfer.
  • Make payment for the transfer.
  • Wait for this process to finish.

We make domain ownership easier, faster and more private.