Cancel an Account Change

If your domain name account change started, and you want to stop this, then you can cancel at any time. Follow these steps to cancel an account change:

  • Login to your FlickMax account by visiting the FlickMax Domain Control Page 
  • On the Domain tab at the top of the menu, click on Pending Account Changes. 
  • Below the Pending Transfer icon, tap on Transfer Out. (If you already have the domain name, then click on Transfer out. 
  • Tick the boxes beside the domains which you desire not to change, or choose to select all box
  • After this, select the Cancel Transfer button above the list of your domain. 
  • Finally, Select Yes, Cancel Transfer to confirm your cancellation. 

Next Steps:

  • Click Here to Check the status of your domain transfer.

More Info:

  • In case you want to migrate the domain to another registrar, then you can transfer your domain name.