Change the domain name (common name) on my SSL certificate

You are allowed to rename your SSL certificate’s common name i.e. primary domain name, which encrypts and secures the certificate. The process of changing the name of your certificate depends on the type of host you are using. 

If you are using FlickMax hosting account, follow these steps:

  • Visit your FlickMax product page. 
  • Click on SSL certificates, then move next to the Manage icon beside the certificate that, you desire to change. 
  • Tap on Change the site that your certificate protects.
  • Now choose one of the following bases:
  • Shared Hosting or Site builder, then select Move your certificate to one of your hosted domains.
  • Else click on Change to a different domain. 
  • Click on Add Changes
  • If you provide a new CSR from your server while receiving an SSL certificate, then you have to make additional changes. You have to rekey the certificate with the CSR server for this, click Rekey your certificate, and select Add changes. 
  • Finally, tap on Submit all changes. 

Point to be noted:

Only with Deluxe and Extended Validation, SSL’s common name change is allowed.