Manually Install an SSL

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Once your SSL certificate request is approved, then it can be downloaded with ease from the SSL manager, after which you can install it to your cPanel Hosting Account. 

A certificate like deluxe and extended validation certificate or SSL must get installed manually. 

Here are some steps to install these certificate manually:

  • Download your SSL certificate from the SSL manager and save it on the desktop with the .crt file type. 
  • Open FlickMax product page. 
  • Choose Web Hosting, followed by the Manage icon of the cPanel account for which this certificate will get installed. 
  • Now choose cPanel Admin.
  • In the security, section click on SSL/TSL.
  • Below the Certificate (CRT), select Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates. 
  • Seek to Upload a New Certificate section and tap on it, click on choose files, a window will open now search your .crt file and click on Open. 
  • A Description Box is offered where you can write about the certificate. 
  • Select Upload Certificate.
  • After getting confirmed that your certificate is saved tap Go Back.
  • You will move to SSL Certificate Page, select Return to SSL Manager.
  • Below the Install and Manage SSL for your site, click on Manage SSL sites. 
  • Now browse for the certificate at the Install an SSL Website bar.
  • Choose the certificate you desire to use, then click on Use certificate. This option will auto-fill your SSL certificate. 
  • Scroll down and click on Install Certificate.
  • A Successfully Installed message pops up on your screen click OK. 

Congratulation, your certificate is installed. Now your job is to direct the visitors towards your website by redirecting to HTTPS.