Move my cPanel to the Website with FTP and FileZilla

With the help of FTP or File Transfer Protocol, you can upload or backup any file from your website to your personal computer and vice versa. Mostly an FTP client’s application works follow these steps to know how to use FileZilla:

These are a few things that you need to know before starting:

  • The IP address of your Website or the domain name
  • Your FTP username. (It is similar to your cPanel Login name)
  • The most important thing is your password. If you forgot your password, then click How to reset that password. 
  • Now let’s start:
  • Open FileZilla then a box will appear, here you have to fill in your IP address or domain name, FTP username, password, and the number of ports. 
  • Click on the Quick connect tab. Your FileZilla will connect directly to your hosting account. 
  • At the right bottom corner of your tab, you will find Remote Site Section to open your site’s root directory. Seek for the public_html folder. 
  • Now moving to the left middle corner at the Local Site section, seek the location where you want to store the files in your personal computer. 

To upload the files, drag the Local Site section to the Remote Site section. Once your file is moved, the website will get live.

For downloading any files, drag the Remote Site Section to the Local Site Section, and you will be ready with backups. 

More Info

The time is taken for uploading and downloading depends on the size of your file and your internet connection. 

See here to find the root directory for a secondary or add-on domain.

If any database such as My SQL is used on your website, then please make sure to back it up. 

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