Rekey my Certificate: How to ReKey My SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate should rekey when:

Your server crashes 

You lose your private key 

You move your website to a new server

You change SSL’s domain

In case you want to change the issuing organization of SSL. For more information, view Using the Right Issuing Organization for your SSL. 


Remember to generate a new CSR from your web server before rekeying your SSL certificate. Click here to generate a CSR.

Never revoke, till you are confirmed about rekeying of SSL certificate and canceling the existing one. If you revoke, then all the SSL credit will turn to null, and you will not be able to rekey. 

Please download and install the new certificate immediately after receiving, else it will get invalid after 72 hours. 

For Rekey the SSL certificate, follow these steps below:

  • Go to the FlickMax product page.
  • Choose the SSL certificate icon and click on Manage on the tab beside the certificate you want to rekey. 
  • Tap on Rekey your certificate. 
  • In the CSR Certificate, Signing Request field, paste the new CSR, and select Add changes.
  • Finally, click on Submit all changes. 
  • Very soon, your new rekeyed certificate will be available online, and you will get notified about it. 

Next Steps 

  • Soon you receive the issuance mail, take instant action, and get it to download, or else it will get expired after 72 hours.

More Info

  • While re-key a certificate, you have to verify your certificate request.