Renewing my SSL certificate

When you find the SSL certificate isn’t set to auto-renew, then you will get a tenure of 90 days to purchase it. The Windows will remain open for you from 60 days before the expiration to 30 days after expiry. 

If you haven’t renewed it before expiration, then your visitors will not be able to view your website  

In case you are using a Standard certificate on your primary domain account, then you don’t have to auto-renew. We will take care of renewing your SSL certificate before it gets expired.

Follow these steps to renew your SSL certificate:

  • Visit FlickMax product page.
  • Click on the SSL certificate and choose the certificate you want to renew. If you have already paid, then move to the next step, else tap on the Renew button. 
  • Now choose the certificate you need to renew, then continue to cart and finish the transaction. 
  • If you are acquiring an SSL certificate with a primary domain, and your site is hosted on the FlickMax server, then you don’t have to worry about renewing. For any help, check Request my SSL certificate and learn how to install it.