Request my SSL certificate and learn how to install it (If you are new to SSL’s, start here)

Please go through these steps to set up and install your SSL certificate on your server. 

Click on Request SSL Certificate

Once you purchased an SSL certificate, then check for the credits in your FlickMax account. You have to request and direct the SSL certificate to the website’s domain name that you desire to secure. 

Choose the image below to match your SSL certificate requirement. 

Verify your SSL certificate

After requesting an SSL certificate, now you have to verify that you have access to the domain name requested by you. 

Download your SSL certificate

In case you want to set up the SSL certificate manually on the hosting server or server, then first you have to download it from SSL Dashboard. 

If you find Download Your SSL certificate disabled, then be sure that we have installed it for you. 

Follow these instructions to download the SSL Certificate:

  • Visit FlickMax Product Page
  • Click on SSL Certificate, then tap on the Manage option for the certificate you want to download.
  • Below the Download Certificate option, then choose the Server type.
  • Finally, select and Download Zip File.  

Install your SSL certificate 

After downloading the certificate, now you can install your SSL certificate.

Remember, if you are using a Managed WordPress Hosting, then an SSL certificate will get installed automatically for you

Redirect to HTTPS automatically

Once the installation is finished now you can redirect the visitors to your secure website with HTTPS. Select the hosting condition of your website:

  • Redirect my cPanel website to HTTPS
  • Redirect my WordPress website to HTTPS for Linux Hosting
  • Redirect my website to HTTPS in Plesk/Windows
  • Redirect my WordPress website to HTTPS for Plesk hosting

This information is only for an unmanaged WordPress account, so if you are having a managed account, then SSL will get automatically installed.