What is a Sub Domain?

A subdomain is defined as the part of the main domain name. It helps in organizing and navigating various sections of a website. These are used to direct visitors to your social media pages or any specific IP address within your account. 

For example, we can take info.flickmax.com as a site where info is the subdomain, FlickMax is the primary domain, and .com is TLD or top-level domain. A subdomain should be lenient so that anyone can recognise it with ease, like hear info.flickmax.com, info signifies information. 

Most people use a subdomain to test their website virtually, which doesn’t affect their original website. Even if, every new update and plugins are tested on a subdomain website. Here you can also use several subdomains on an e-commerce website for indicating different sections so that users can search for everything with ease. 

Remember, one domain can have nearly 500 subdomains, whereas each subdomain can contain 255 characters. In case you have multi subdomains, then every level will get 63 characters. 

Next Step

  • If you are ready to start, then create a subdomain that points to an IP address as a record. 
  • Or, else built a CNAME to point to a specific URL. 

More info

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