What is CDN?

Actually What is CDN? A CDN Stands for Content Delivery Network is a network that helps your site to deliver content outside your local sever, with same loading time. Its prime task is to provide static content at every geographical reason as requested.

The benefits of using a CDN are:

  • Improved content availability and redundancy – High volume traffic or hardware failures can cause downtime for your website a CDN distributes the load so your site can handle more traffic and endure hardware failure better than a single origin server.
  • Improved load times – Users are served content from a Point of Presence (Pop) geographically closer to them than the origin server which means faster load times for your website.
  • Increased security – A CDN can increase security by mitigating Distributed Denial-of-Service(DDoS) attacks, preventing vulnerability hacks and stopping brute force attempts against your website login pages, and more.