Where’s my Private Key?

Always a private key is created on the local server when you generate a CSR to request an SSL certificate. Never share your private key with anyone else, but you should remember it for installing an SSL certificate. Here are some of the places where you can find the private key:


  • On Windows Server, your certificate gets managed by the OS in a hidden file. You can use it.PFX file to save the certificate as well as the private key. To continue with this process, follow these steps:
  • Open MMC or Microsoft Management Console. 
  • In Console Root, expand certificate, you will find the certificate in the Personal or Web Server folder
  • Now locate the certificate and click Export. 
  • .PFX file is also used as the backup of your private key or to install an SSL certificate. In case you are using some other OS, then the .pfx file will be created separately for the private key and certificate.  


In Apache, the private key is located at the configuration file, with the name httpd.conf or apache2.conf

More Info

  • If still, you cannot find the private key, then search for the “.key” file or follow the installation steps. 
  • In case you find your private key nowhere, it means you have to rekey your certificate.