In this article, we are going to find differences between Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting. Small sites with less than 20K visitors used shared hosting, which considered as most used by the beginner. But, in shared hosting, you share IP with several other sites, so security and performance levels are low.  Here to tackle this problem and handle heavy traffic, dedicated hosting has developed.

It is more secure but expensive, then what will a person with a low budget will do. Here, VPS has been introduced, also known as a Virtual Private Server, that is secure and perform like a dedicated server over a shared server.

Again, it has been divided into two categories, Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting, also known as Unmanaged Server. So, here we will learn in detail about the VPS and how it works. Moreover, we will glimpse a battle between Self Managed Vs Fully Managed Server.

What is VPS Hosting

Virtualization of a dedicated server on a shared server, offering high-level security and devoted working space at an inexpensive range, is called VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting
What is VPS Hosting

Over several millions of visitors can be managed by VPS hosting, as well as gives your site better performance and less redundancy. It is available for Linux and Windows Operating Systems and is scalable, so your private area can have more space.

If you are well acquainted with the programming language and OS, then go for a Self Managed VPS Hosting. Whereas if you don’t have the technical knowledge, Managed VPS Hosting is ready to help you take every step with ease.

How VPS Hosting Works

Before explaining how a VPS Works, here is an example that will let you understand it in a simplified way. If you are building your own house, then it will cost higher because of purchasing land, hiring a builder, and many more tasks. But the best thing, it’s fully dedicated to you, similar to a dedicated server, where you use to buy a physical server.

In another case, you are living in a colony, then everything will be shared with others, like the same parking space, same washing place, etc. It is like a Shared Server, where you will share a single IP with various other sites.

Third Case, purchasing a flat will save your time and money as well as you can optimize it according to your mood. It is similar to a VPS(Fully Managed Vs Self Managed), where you are sharing a physical server with several others but having a dedicated space to work. Like in place of buying a whole cake just getting a piece of it.

Here your server remains virtual and stores data over a physical server. Thus, whenever someone tries to access, your site opens up on a virtual private server with the same loading speed as a dedicated server.

What is Fully Managed VPS Hosting?

If you are new to web hosting, and not acquainted with OS as well as don’t have much IT knowledge, then a Fully Managed VPS Hosting is for you. A Fully Managed VPS hosting is a hosting where you will be owing to your site or application.

Here the maintenance will be handled by the IT experts of the internet service provider. Moreover, you will be given access to cPanel, thus can make any change without learning any coding.

What is Self Managed VPS Hosting?

A Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting or Self-Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting meaning a dedicated channel that will be managed by you, and whatever changes will be done is on to you. Your host or the service provider will be responsible only for providing you with a separate server.

Although if you need any assistance the IT team is always ready to help you. If you want no one else should access your site or server, then it’s one of the best options.

What is the difference between Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting?

Here are a few points that make a difference between managed and unmanaged VPS.

Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting
Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting Pros & Cons

Maintenance: In a managed VPS, everything will get handled by the hosting provider. Whereas in Unmanaged VPS, you have to maintain it by yourself, and the service provider will contrive the physical server.

Price: In comparison to an unmanaged server, a managed server will cost a bit higher. As everything will be handled by yourself, so the cost will be lesser.

Security: Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting, both are secure servers, but an unmanaged VPS gives you high privacy.  managed

Benefits of Fully Managed VPS Hosting

1. Server Maintenance

Self Managed Vs Fully Managed: Here server will be maintained by the hosting provider, and you will be having only a few controls.

2. Server Monitoring

One of the most necessary steps to be taken is to handle the traffic, for which most of the sites get crasher. The hosting provider will monitor and manage your server traffic.

3. Security

Self Managed Vs Fully Managed: As the hosting provider will handle everything, so nothing will be private, but the security level will be similar to Unmanaged VPS Hosting.

4. Updates

You never have to worry about any updates because whenever an update is required service provider will do it.

5. Data Protection

High data protection, as regular malware checking and back up, will be done by the service provider. In any case, if your site gets crashed, then nothing to worry about, as you can get it back within a moment.

6. Tech Support

24×7 tech support team is ready to resolve any issue you face. So, without hesitating, call or mail them and get your query solved.

Benefits of Self Managed VPS Hosting (unmanaged)

1. Customization

In a Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting, you are the king with the freedom to do everything. So, customization will be under your control and can install any software you need.

2. Self-Reliance

Yes, of course, here you don’t have to rely on anyone, as everything to be managed by yourself.

3. Price

You will manage it by yourself, therefore the price will be less than a managed server.

4. Difficulty

If you are well acquainted with programming languages and have better IT knowledge, then it will be easy to handle. In case you don’t know anything, then it is tough to manage.

5. Security

The security level will be too high, as the privacy level is extreme, but here you have to back up your files and check the malware files.

6. Performance

Depends on you, if you will manage it in a better way, then performance will be better.

Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting- FAQ’s

Here are the frequently asked Questions about Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting.

Do I need VPS Hosting?

Yes, VPS Hosting(Self Managed Vs Fully Managed VPS Hosting) is for everyone, and it helps you to manage everything with ease. Moreover, in VPS hosting your site will be fully secured and can achieve high performance with less redundancy.

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting?

In shared hosting, a single IP has been divided with several sites, whereas in VPS, you get a dedicated space of a physical server. This space will be managed and used only by you, as well as you can host several sites at a single server.

What is the best VPS hosting service?

If you have IT knowledge and can manage everything by yourself, so to save money, unmanaged VPS is good. Whereas, in managed VPS, you save a lot of time and don’t have to get panic about anything. offers you with Managed as well as Self Managed VPS hosting at a price like never before. The most important aspect is your site and customer service, which you will get from some well-trained IT Experts.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

The benefits of VPS hosting are:

1. It is more reliable than shared hosting.
2. Performs better and faster
3. Inexpensive, then a dedicated server.
4. Provides Scalability so you can alter the space required as per need.
5. Offers Self Managed Vs Managed Hosting on Linux as well as Windows OS.
6. Comes with an integrated cPanel, let you access everything at your fingertip.
7. 24×7 tech support system ready to resolve every problem on VPS
8. Moreover, if you purchase it from, then free unlimited bandwidth and free MySQL server.

Is this good to hosting my Website on VPS? will be a much better and reliable choice than any other service provider. Moreover, you will be getting faster and expert IT support services, a free SSL certificate, and many other offers.

If you are buying VPS hosting from,, then you will be also saving your money on various other things like unlimited bandwidth and a free MySQL database. You will also get an option for Windows and Linux OS.

What is the difference between web hosting and VPS?

Web hosting means it’s a vast platform of hosting with various methods like shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, etc. Whereas VPS hosting is just a part of it where your website will be hosted on a dedicated server covering some fixed space of a physical server.

Is VPS faster than shared hosting?

Yes, of course, VPS hosting is much faster and performs better than shared hosting as it is having a dedicated space to host. Moreover, your IP will not be shared with any other sites and offers you unlimited bandwidth, thus handling traffic becomes easier.

How do I switch from shared hosting to VPS?

If you are using shared hosting and want to move on VPS, then here are some steps to be followed:

1. First of all, your domain migrates to the new hosting provider.
2. Then, create a backup of your site or application.
3. After getting your VPS, now it’s time to upload all files to it.
4. Finally, it’s time to point out your IP to a new server.

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

A budget-friendly and Self Managed VPS hosting are called an Unmanaged VPS hosting. Here, you will be having full access to your site also you will be responsible for whatever performance your site will do. The best point is, unmanaged VPS hosting is budget-friendly and more secure than a managed VPS hosting.

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