Linux VPS Hosting

High Quality Linux Virtual Server with Bundled Features in a Affordable Price

Unique IP Address
High SSD Disk Storage
Complete Root Access
24/7/365 Phone Support
Linux VPS Hosting

Find Your Best Linux VPS Hosting Plan

1 vCPU

$ 99

Per Month
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD Storage
  • Linux only, no control panel*
$ 7.99 / per month

2 vCPURecommended

$ 99

Per Month
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
$ 29.99 / per month

4 vCPU

$ 99

Per Month
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
$ 59.99 / per month

8 vCPU

$ 99

Per Month
  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 400 GB SSD Storage
$ 104.99 / per month

Not interested in Windows? Check out our Windows VPS Plans.

All Linux VPS Plans Features includes


At CDS, our SSD Linux Hosting servers come with high protection and security that will offer you the best Virtual Server available on the market. We monitor any kind of malicious attack on the website and make sure your business is safe and protected at all times.


Our Linux hosting plans are reliable and trusted by individuals and businesses all across the world. We offer an efficient, safe, and reliable service. Due to our service’s flexibility and reliability, our clients will grow and scale the businesses as needed when paying for whatever they need. 

Multi Locations

At CDS, we have a multi-location server, hence if any sever gets high visitors, our multi-location service will help to move you over another sever. This particular feature will not let you slow down and continue your procedure.

DDoS Protection

We secure your server through our DDOS layer, which ensures complete protection against various attacks. Our Linux VPS servers are been powered by the trusted and state-of-art infrastructure that will ensure that they are up & running

Affordable Price

When you compared the cost of Linux VPS with other providers, you will find our services highly affordable. With better costing, you are assured about the better product with unlimited bandwidth & a free MySQL server. 

Faster Load Time

Expand storage space, RAM, and vCPU on-demand and required by your application. We provide the best quality and spec to make sure your site performance is always high day & night. 

Better Performance

Made to accommodate your business scale requirements, at CDS you will get higher speed, flexibility, and power for hosting, managing, and launching any app and website. Suppose you ever run out of space or RAM you just have to upgrade the account for better performance.

Unlimited FTP/sFTP

SFTP & FTPS are two independent protocols that work on a similar principle: making use of encryption for transferring any Web Hosting files safely. FTPS is the development of the FTP that includes the additional SSL and TLS-encryption. 

Better Control with Root Access

Get better control with root access where you can take complete control of the server quickly and easily. To use the power offered effectively, you do not need much technical knowledge.

Supports Popular Web Applications

The advanced cloud infrastructure, simple-to-use and manage VPS panel makes CDS VPS your best choice. We support popular web applications and with some clicks, you may install popular OS and web scripts, power the virtual server, reboot, make any backups, restore the containers through Cpanel and do many more things! 

Additional Benefits with Our Linux Virtual Server

Friendly Environment

We offer friendly, cost-effective, and best-quality of Linux VPS services; we take pride in customer service & client care. We provide a friendly environment so that our customers feel simple to talk to us. 

24/7 Customer Support

Professional Customer Support is something you will not find anywhere for the VPS hosting services. Still, our professionals are ready to help you out at any time without any kind of delays – and that is one of the reasons why CDS VPS is the best VPS hosting server choice. 

Easy Upgradation

Our fully managed and easy to upgrade, high-performance VPS with cPanel is the best solution that you can have. Unlike paying the full cost for the dedicated server, CDS cPanel VPS hosting provides you with the slice of power of the full server. This is the best way of keeping the costs in proper check & scale whenever you want it. 

Dedicated IP Facility

Our VPS server product and engineered to offer automated and quick provisioning of our solutions, provides users of our VPS hosting and the ability to create the global network presence effortlessly and quickly with our dedicated IP facility. Additionally, you can connect the VPS hosting to the IP facility with IPv4 & IPv6 ready for you.

Free SSL Certificate

At CDS, you will get the complete range of the SSL Certificate choices from the free SSL Certificates and Premium SSL for your eCommerce website & everything in between! With our free SSL Certificates, we provide fast setup & make HTTPS simple for you! You can improve your hosting account & your website with our free SSL Certificate that will increase your visitor trust, website security, search engine traffic, and more!

Lifetime Unlimited Bandwidth

We are pretty sure that you will get delighted with our Linux VPS server and it can perform over the right standard that you need & expect from us. Our lifetime unlimited bandwidth service will keep your server running, we always monitor & improve our offering. Besides, our experienced team will stay on top of upgrades, compilation, as well as patching for optimum performance. 

Linux VPS Hosting: Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Linux VPS Hosting?

The Linux hosting server helps developers to build their site within Linux OS. The Linux server makes web developers make use of powerful and popular open-source programs such as MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, SSH, Python, Ruby, and more to create a website. Generally, Linux VPS is the virtual private server that runs on the Linux system. The virtual private server gets hosted on the physical server. We call a server virtual when it runs in the host computer’s memory and, in turn, the host computer will run some other servers.

How Do I Connect To A Linux VPS Hosting?

To connect to Linux VPS hosting from the Windows device, we are going to use the third party tool PuTTY. PuTTY is the free software tool for the Microsoft Windows OS that can be used for making the SSH connection to the server. PuTTY is the telnet and SSH client, by Simon Tatham and used only for the Windows platform. Being an open-source tool, it is supported and developed by a group of volunteers.

How Much Does Linux VPS Hosting Cost?

Linux VPS Hosting doesn’t want you to pay license fees, not like other web hosting services that have the monthly license fee. This can ensure you will save in a long run. It’s an affordable VPS hosting server with cPanel. The Linux-based VPS can save you some bucks; Linux servers generally cost over $10 – $20 less than the Windows servers.

How do I Access Linux VPS Hosting?

Accessing your Linux VPS hosting will need a terminal. Suppose you don’t have one, then you will have to download a program like PuTTY. Keep in mind this is a suggestion, so feel free to use any software accessible that will establish the SSH connections.

  • Save EXE file (on Desktop) and run.
  • Enter the connection settings.
  • Start the SSH session.
  • If it is the first time accessing your server from the computer, you may see a few outputs. Accept connection by pressing Yes.
  • When SSH Connection gets open, you will see the terminal prompt wanting to know your username, type in “root“.
  • Next, enter the Root password. Note down that you won’t see the cursor moving, or characters typed when typing the password. It is the standard PuTTY safety feature and hit the enter button.

If they’re not any error messages, you must be logged in to your server as root with SSH protocol.

Why Do You Need Linux VPS Hosting?

Suppose your website want more power than offered by the shared hosting, Linux virtual server will be the right solution for you or your business. You should take into account the option providing you don’t need the power of the dedicated server & you feel limited hosting for the power and benefits, as VPS provides an ability to do advanced things.

You require a virtual server if you’re tired to compete with other sites for storage memory, speed, and bandwidth.

How Does Linux VPS Hosting Work?

Being an open-source system, Linux VPS is the hosting methodology, comprising of a physical server, by which several virtual servers run, whereas being totally independent of each other. Being open-source, Linux is free to use & distribute.  You do not have to pay for its license and it will get installed on many computers according to the requirements.

Can I Run WordPress On Linux VPS Hosting?

Yes, of course, you can run WordPress on Linux VPS Hosting. WordPress comes as an integrated software with Linux, so you are free to use it. Here you need to download the plugins as per your requirement.

Are there any Specific Differences between windows VPS and Linux VPS?

Linux VPS v/s Windows VPS, here are some categories based on which we can sense the difference. These categories divided into seven sections:


Windows is a popular OS, which needs updates and reboot frequently. Whereas the Linux OS is stable, so don’t need to reboot at the time of updating your site. Linux also comes with Secure Remote Logging, and it doesn’t need any restart while configuring any feature. Thus, here we can say on performance-based Linux is much better.

Control Panel:

cPanel is available as an integrated control panel for Linux VPS Hosting, but in Windows, VPS Hosting has to purchase cPanel. Although, if you buy any of these hosting from FlickMax, then cPanel will be free.

Easy to Use:

Windows OS is having a much larger platform than Linux, thus making it user friendly. You have to learn to code if you are using Linux Self-Managed VPS Hosting. In managed Linux VPS Hosting, you don’t have to worry and can use it with ease.

Server Access:

You can only use FTP on Windows, whereas Linux allows you to access the server, as it supports FTP as well as SSH.


In Linux, the administrator setting is limited, which protects you from malware and spyware.


Linux is much more compatible to open software so everything will be at your fingertip.


Linux OS is open-source, with no payment for alternating the codes. Thus, a Linux VPS Hosting cost lesser than a Windows OS.

Easy to Setup Guides

Get started with Linux Hosting

Log in to Server

There are a couple of different ways to log in to your Linux VPS

Read More..

Set up my Linux VPS

After you purchase a VPS, it’s time to complete your setup with its server name and other administrative info.


Monitor My Server

See the resource usage (for CPU, Disk space, and available RAM) and uptime in the Dashboard


Work with cPanel Panel

You can log directly into cPanel using the username and password for your Linux  VPS hosting.


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